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Our #1 goal is to establish and facilitate direct relationships.

​RevNew provides efficiencies to both sides of the digital marketplace as a Supply Desk. By utilizing our expertise, long-standing relationships, and unique supply access we are able to save time and provide cost efficiencies for media buyers (DSPs, Agencies, and Brands).

As the marketplace has become increasingly complex, it’s become more challenging for media buyers and brands to know where they are buying ads. Many publishers are not getting credit for their strong-performing inventory, and the open exchange only offers so much transparency if not monitored and controlled. RevNew is here to ensure that you always know where your ads are going and that you get the most effective supply for your campaign needs.

Media Buyers

Your Supply Sourcing Team

RevNew’s team has spent much of the last 15 years helping publishers utilize various ad technology solutions to help make their business more efficient and increase revenue. Understanding the ins and outs of how publishers operate their businesses, RevNew utilizes our expertise and direct relationships to handle much of the grunt work – media recommendations, negotiations, info gathering, deal facilitation, supply path optimization, etc. to make this process easier on both sides and save time. It’s free for media buyers and doesn’t require any tech integrations or commitments.

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Your Programmatic Business Development Team

RevNew Digital is the most cost-effective, trusted way for publishers to increase revenue without increasing in overhead. As an extension of your programmatic business development team, publishers work with RevNew Digital because of the following:

Direct & PMP Deals

We leverage deep relationships with SSPs, DSPs, Agencies, and Brands to facilitate direct & PMP deals for your inventory. We establish buyer relationships and to secure new advertiser relationships that otherwise could take months or even years to build. Most importantly we have a process in place to ensure there is no channel conflict with your sales team.

Incremental Revenue Opportunities

We source the latest revenue-driving technology and solutions to optimize your traffic and increase your overall RPM. The solutions that we focus on are very low resource-intensive and drive incremental results and revenue to your business immediately at no risk.

Programmatic & Data Expertise

We are constantly researching and curating the top techniques and strategies that are being utilized to drive results. Our team understands the nuances across the Lumascape, including niche or up-and-coming solutions that your team may not be familiar with yet.

Our Team

Jesse Rogowsky

Jesse Rogowsky

Jesse has spent over 15 years in the digital media and ad tech industries. The first 13 years of his journey were spent working for and with publishers to make their businesses more efficient and drive more revenue. He helped to accomplish this for some of the largest publishers as well as the mid-tier and long tail, while at companies such as Rubicon, OpenX, Q1Media, and STAQ.

Having spent so much time on the supply side of the business, he was able to see the inefficiencies of the marketplace and how media buyers can lean a little too heavily on the top 1% of publishers and the walled gardens. But there is so much more quality inventory in the marketplace that attracts millions of users per day. However, it’s a challenge to keep track and understand the value of each of these unique supply sources. That’s why RevNew Digital was ideated as way to expose more details about unique and efficient suppliers so that media buyers could leverage them and provide more efficiencies to the overall marketplace.

Jesse is a Jersey boy and graduated from the University of Maryland (go Terps!). He’s also a Board Member for SMAC (Student Movement Against Cancer), which empowers students across America to be the next generation of cancer fighters! In his free time, you can find him away from a computer and digital ads on a bike, a hike. or catching up with friends and family.

James Short

James Short

James started his career in digital media over 20 years ago when he was a senior at The University of Texas at Austin and Netscape still reigned as the dominant web browser. He has since gone on to be a successful sales and business development executive, manager and entrepreneur in the digital media and advertising technology industries.

James has led sales and business development teams for four different companies, including Market Hardware as a co-founder and the SVP of Sales. Market Hardware was acquired by HomeAdvisor/IAC in 2009, where James went on to become Vice President of Web Solutions. In 2012, James joined Q1Media, Inc. as VP of Business Development where he managed all major DSP, trading desk and exchange relationships, including Google, SpotX, Verizon, Xaxis and Freewheel.

James left Q1Media in 2017 to focus on entrepreneurship full time, leading him to start RevNew Digital with Jesse Rogowsky in 2018. James also serves as a partner in Inwood Road Films, an independent film development and finance company, and actively volunteers for Peace4Kids, a non-profit, volunteer supported organization promoting trust, equity and stability for youth in foster care. In his free time you can find him riding his bike near the beach, reading a novel or checking his cryptocurrency portfolio.

Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider has over 15 years of experience in digital media sales and business development, working with brands, agencies, and publishers ranging from some of the largest companies in the world to start-ups. An integral member of RevNew Digital, Schneider is constantly uncovering ways to add value to our clients’ business objectives and monetization strategies by leveraging his diverse set of experience working at a variety of AdTech platforms and Publishers.

Paul started his career at Yahoo! where he was amongst the top sales executives and a President’s Club award winner. Paul wanted to get into the AdTech space next and joined AudienceScience where he had the privilege of learning from some of the industry’s early adapters. He continued to advance his knowledge in AdTech and was amongst the first to set up PMP’s at Bazaarvoice across their shopper media portfolio. He later on joined SpinMedia and was an integral part of the team overseeing an increase in programmatic revenue by 40% year-over-year. Through the acquisition of SpinEntertainment Paul joined Digital Remedy, oversaw monetization of their O&O’s while also spearheading one of the largest client partnerships in the company’s 20 year history for their core business, AdReady.

Paul is an East Coaster, earning his BA from Towson University, lived in NYC for over 10 years and currently resides in Hoboken, NJ. Outside of work he enjoys live music, sports, traveling and spending quality time with his friends and family.

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Headquartered in New York with an office in Los Angeles and Boca Raton. RevNew serves all digital media channels – Desktop, Mobile, CTV/OTT, Audio, DOOH, in-App, Programmatic, and Direct.

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